Work-Based Learning for Educators

Develop and support WBL experiences

South Dakota recognizes three stages of Work-Based Learning (WBL): Explore, Engage and Experience. The learning guide for Educators/Counselors equips teachers, counselors, and administrators with information and resources for these phases, allowing them to explain and develop WBL experiences for students and grow their future workforce.

What's covered

  • Understand the components of high-quality WBL.
  • Access resources to develop and support WBL.
  • Develop business/industry partnerships.
  • Manage students participating in WBL experiences.

Providing access to WBL for students in special populations can require additional consideration and support. This learning guide provides information and resources to equip educators in supporting students and understanding barriers that could inhibit WBL experiences. Special population students are those: with a disability, from an economically disadvantaged household, currently experiencing homelessness, English language learners, with a parent active in the military, pursuing a non-traditional career, in foster care, or parenting or pregnant teens.

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